As a passionate environmentalist, nothing makes me happier than seeing others live in harmony with the world around them. I believe in a clean, just environment for all. This has led me to the life goal of presenting science and sustainability initiatives in clear, compelling, and creative ways to engage others regardless of their respective fields. With the permeation of social media and online outlets, I enjoy creating digital stories via writing, graphics, or any other new medium I can explore.

Feel free to look around or reach out, I'd love to hear from you!

So, what do I do?

Professionally, I split my time as a Communications Fellow for Save The Bay, remote Digital Content Associate for LoaTree, and hostess at the Berkeley-based restaurant Comal.
On a typical day, I can be found creating a Spotify playlist, exploring San Francisco, or planning my next travel adventure.
In general, I'm a coffee addict, dog person, festival-goer, outdoors enthusiast, and a huge fan of playing tourist in my own city.

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Name : Alyssa Pace
Phone : 510 292 8243
Email : alyssa4pace@gmail.com
Location : San Francisco Bay Area
LinkedIn : Click to connect!


From a young age, writing has been my go-to form of self-expression. I enjoy taking time to find the perfect combination of words to touch the hearts of my audience, and I find this tactic especially useful in efficiently communicating environmental matters. Below are a few of my published examples.

Press Release

Mujeres y Climate Justice

Santa Barbara, CA - LoaTree invites the community to attend the Mujeres y Climate Justice gathering, a panel featuring national leaders representing women at the frontlines of climate justice. This event is part...


Support National Parks

Since their official establishment in 1916, the 417 protected areas that compose America’s national park system have provided countless benefits for us. We spend our weekends in these special places discovering fun...


R2R: Right or Wrong?

Coastline views are one of the greatest things about living in California. However, it’s hard not to feel a pang when our eyes catch sight of oil rigs. Twenty of the State’s 27 rigs are situated in the Santa Barbara region, and...

Multimedia Story

Food Security in Isla Vista

With so much on their plates, sometimes the last thing UCSB students have time for is nutritious food. The recording above is a clip from my Diet and Climate Change professor at UC Santa Barbara, where I attend ...


Beating The Ultimatum Game

To better examine our personal impact on the planet, we must assess what drives and motivates us. How can we rationalize a situation where someone chooses to throw away a plastic bottle when the closest...


An Apeel-ing Idea

Without synthetic chemical inputs (like pesticides, antibiotics, or GMOs), we can feel good about putting natural products into our bodies and natural byproducts into the environment. However, these chemical food...


Back To Our Roots

This project provides an analysis of UCSB’s current water usage and outlines a clear cut plan to reduce landscape water use by combining various mitigation efforts that will provide a plethora of benefits to the campus...


2 Products, 1 System

Although you may assume wild-caught is the “best” option, the ocean’s harvestable fish supply is threatened by overfishing, acidification, and pollution. As an alternative, society has turned to the ever-progressing...


New Zealand Has A Cold

In a country where a stunning natural environment serves as the core of its identity, reputation, and economic flow, it is crucial for New Zealand to maintain a high environmental quality of all ecosystems. One of the major...

Multimedia Projects

As technology permeates our society, we must learn to work with the facets that accompany it. I love creating stories with various types of media intertwined — audio, videos, photography, graphs, etc. Exploring new multimedia platforms is one of my favorite hobbies, and I am always looking to learn something new.


Here you will find a collection of some of the work I have created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

My design style is heavily influenced by my mom, an artist and graphic designer whose work I admired throughout my childhood. Her art guided my eye for design, and ultimately led me to the Multimedia track of the Writing minor, where I was lucky enough to get formal training in Adobe Creative Suite.


These are the skills I strive to provide and progress in whenever possible.

  • c


    Fluent in email and social marketing to promote major organizational initiatives, such as Bay Day 2017.

  • b


    From day-to-day posting to major campaigns, I know how to engage and expand target audiences.

  • d


    Press releases, news articles, web blurbs, Tweets? I've got you covered.

  • f


    A self-taught designer, I love experimenting in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well as dabbling in HTML/CSS.

  • p


    You can rely on me for clear communication and strong partnership building.

  • m


    Women and the Environment Conference 2017, Jack Johnson/All At Once, Bay Day 2017, and Restoration with Fort Point Brewing Co. - just to name a few.


Here are a few things I've been up to in the recent past. To view my full, hand-crafted résumé, click here.

  • Save The Bay

    June 2017 - present

    Communications Fellow

    As the Summer 2017 Communications Fellow, I collaborate with both the Communications and Events Departments to promote, engage, and organize outreach material. In this position, I manage all social media platforms, write content for the blog and website, and coordinate with fellow departments to accurately report organizational feats. I've picked up skills ranging from hands-on restoration to mastering key marketing software programs.

  • LoaTree

    March 2017 - present

    Digital Content Associate

    In what began as an internship while still in school, I now work remotely for the Santa Barbara-based PR firm LoaTree creating digital content. As an intern, I worked on their budding Better World Series campaign, wrote for their blog, and got my foot in the door of PR and event planning. I was happy to assist in the execution of multiple successful events, including SB's Women and the Environment Conference 2017.

  • Wild Local Seafood Co.

    July 2016 - March 2017

    Outreach and Sustainability Representative

    This multi-faceted position with the Ventura-based sustainable seafood company brought me to LA every weekend to work farmers markets, sharpen my sales and marketing skills, teach key points about food sustainability, and coordinate with our wholesale clientele. I learned an incredible amount about the ocean, food, and how for-profit businesses function.

  • UC Santa Barbara

    BACHELOR OF ARTS 2013 - 2017

    I tied together my passion for writing and the outdoors by taking on the Environmental Studies BA and minoring in Professional Writing (Multimedia Track). UCSB offered incredible opportunities, and I was lucky enough to study abroad in both New Zealand and Thailand, participate in a relief trip after the Colorado floods, and volunteer all 4 years in environmental education programs for local elementary schools.


Want to collaborate, or think I could be an asset to your organization? Shoot me a message.