As a passionate environmentalist, nothing makes me happier than seeing others live in harmony with the world around them. All too often, however, I see mental barriers hold people back from developing a genuine connection to their natural environment. Sometimes the scientific aspects of nature can be too overwhelming to process, which has led me to the life goal of presenting science in clear, compelling, and creative ways. With the permeation of social media and online outlets, I enjoy creating digital stories via writing, graphics, or any other new medium I can explore.

Long-term, I am seeking to become a Public Relations Specialist in the environmental world, but currently, I am finishing up my Environmental Studies and Multimedia Writing degree at UC Santa Barbara. I can usually be found creating a new Spotify playlist, planning my next travel adventure, or making the most of my last few weeks living in Isla Vista. After graduating, I plan to return to my hometown of Berkeley to complete a 6-month fellowship with Save the Bay. After that, who knows? I am always looking for new opportunities.

Feel free to look around or reach out. I would love to hear from you!


Communications Fellow Save The Bay | Jun 17 - present

Media & Design Intern LoaTree | Mar 17 - Jun 17

Food Sustainability Research Assistant Dr. David Cleveland | Jan 17 - Jun 17

Outreach & Sustainability Intern Wild Local Seafood Co. | June 16 - Feb 17

Student Intern Gaucho Certified Farmers Market | Jan 15 - Jun 15

Marine Research Assistant UCSB PISCO Lab | Jan 15 - Jun 15


From a young age, writing has been my go-to form of self-expression. I enjoy taking time to find the perfect combination of words to touch the hearts of my audience, and I find this tactic especially useful in efficiently communicating environmental matters. Below are a few of my published examples.

Mujeres y Climate Justice

A press release announcing LoaTree's upcoming panel of esteemed female eco-leaders.


Support National Parks

An article that explores ways to sustain "America's best idea" under new administrational challenges.


R2R: Right or Wrong?

An article discussing the pro's & con's of oil rigs converted into artificial reefs.


Food Security in Isla Vista

A multimedia story about the little-known fact that Isla Vista is considered a "food desert" by USDA standards.


The Ultimatum Game

An article response that addresses bettering the world as one understands the psychology of punishment.


An Apeel-ing Idea

An article to explain the technology behind Apeel, an upcoming organic produce-coating product intended to extend shelf life.


2 Products, 1 System

An article to introduce aquaponics, an aquaculture system that sustains both fish and produce.


Back To Our Roots

A proposal I co-wrote for a class for lawn removal and repurposing into native gardens around the UCSB campus.


New Zealand Has A Cold

>An article on didymo, an invasive toxic algae that poses a major threat to New Zealand's freshwater ecosystems.


Glacial Flour: Secret Ingredient

An article discussing glacial flour, the phenomenon that gives glacial lakes their intense icy-blue color.


Cheeky Evolution

An article about New Zealand's peculiar evolutionary past.



My design style is heavily influenced by my mom, an artist and graphic designer whose work I admired throughout my childhood. Her love for design led me to the Multimedia track of the Writing minor, and I was lucky enough to become proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more through my classes.

Social media icon for the #BetterWorldSeries Instagram
Flyer created for the on-campus farmers market
Info flyer for One Percent For the Planet, a campaign launched with the help of LoaTree
Sticker idea designed for local coffee shop
Logo idea designed for local coffee shop
Front side of a business card designed for local coffee shop
Back side of a business card designed for a local coffee shop
Small happy design
Happy Mother's Day card

Multimedia Projects

As technology permeates our society, we must learn to work with the facets that accompany it. I love creating stories with various types of media intertwined — audio, videos, photography, graphs, etc. Exploring new multimedia platforms is one of my favorite hobbies, and I am always looking to learn something new.

I created this video using iMovie, Eko Studio, a Canon 60D, and my iPhone 6 as a tribute of my time as a UCSB student living in Isla Vista. The experience one gets in their 4 years here is unlike any other, and I look back upon it as the happiest time of my life thus far.

This multimedia story incorporates writing, photos, videos, audio, and data charts to engage readers in the little known fact that Isla Vista — despite its happy-go-lucky reputation — actually qualifies as a food desert by USDA standards.

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